This prayer page is a place of sincere, deep, and meditative prayer for babies worldwide. Families with premature, ill, or very sick babies are invited to send their prayer needs and a picture, if possible, of the baby to be placed on this page. Women contemplating having an abortion vs. choosing life for their baby are asked to share their difficulties in making that decision. Any woman or family member experiencing a crisis or high-risk pregnancy is invited to share their prayer needs. This is a place of prayer not counsel. All that is needed to receive our prayers is to tell us what you are going through.

This page is a prayer network of churches, Christian organizations, prayer sites, prayer groups, and loving individuals walking in Christ’s light established to pray fervently. We will PRAY LIKE HANNAH DID, for each and every baby, mother, or family member that is added to this page. The people who create this network know how powerful prayer is and that it works. We invite you to pray with us. Prayer changes situations. Prayer changes lives. Through prayer miracles happen.

We do not know God’s plan and accept however He answers our prayers, but we do believe He answers us just as He answered Hannah. She was told she would never have a child, but she did not accept that. She prayed for and was given a son who she named Samuel.

Please submit your prayer needs below so that we can pray with you for the health and life of your baby.

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Prayer Requests

We have a very active Facebook page that prayer request are always posted on. Although there is a large gap on this blog we have received hundreds of requests over the past year. All have been posted on the Preemie Prints Facebook page. I will try to start posting them right here again as well. Please send us your request to pray for your preemies and babies in the NICU. We are here to offer support through prayer. God Bless.

Prayers For Tati

PRAYER REQUEST >>> "I ask for prayers for my precious baby niece, Tati. She was born at 26 weeks on Jan 16th weighing only 1lb 13oz and 14 inches long. Her mommy had to have a sesarian section to keep her safe. I ask for prayers for a speedy recovery and healing for my sister so that she can be with her baby to hold her tiny hand and have her feel her mommys immense love for her. I ask for prayers for her daddy too, to give him strength and faith through this long journey ahead, i ask for prayers for them as a couple, to give each other the love, strength, courage and patience through it all and most of all I ask for prayers for our precious princess Tati, for her health and healing, for her to have more strength and good health with each minute, hour and day that goes by. And may God bless the hands and minds of the doctors and nurses who are caring for her day and night. May God see our baby girl through and hold her hand each minute of everyday. Amen!"

Friday, January 23, 2015

Preemie Prayer Requests

Please can you prayer for Baby Dexter and his Mummy and Daddy.

Dexter was born at 23 weeks, he is now a week and 6 days old. He is trying his best. Please can we pray his body keeps doing what it should do, growing and developing. Help all three of them stay strong. God protect him from infection and complications. Help him.


Please pray for my friend's granddaughter. She was born a month early and they suspect Edward's or chromosome 18 syndrome.
Thank You. Amen

We know how powerful the Lord is and he can heal these little ones. Please send up a prayer this day for both of these miracles. 

Dear God, 

You chose to give this family a beautiful baby born far too soon. 
They are now in the care of dedicated nurses and doctors, but their true 
healing can come only through you. 

Please wrap your protective arms around all of the babies born prematurely or critically ill and bestow your healing blessings on them that they may grow and develop into full term babies and glorify you in this world. 

Please hear our daily prayers and give the families the strength to bear this challenge. 


Thursday, November 20, 2014

Surgery For Mom - Prayers Needed

PRAYER REQUEST >>> "I'm going into surgery tomorrow and I'm 26 weeks pregnant. My gallbladder is not working and my liver is enlarged." Please keep one of our photography volunteers Ashley, in your prayers today!!

Tiny Twins - 30 Weeks

Please pray for Laura's twin babies born in Ireland today at 30 weeks, so tiny and so frail . Please God cherish and save them, amen.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Prayers For Katie

A sweet 24 year old momma of two with her third one the way was experiencing bad headaches, Saturday, March 22 she woke with some weakness on her left side. Her husband took her to the emergency room and they did a CT scan. After finding some bleeding on her brain the doctors ordered an MRI and soon decided to transfer her. On Sunday she underwent surgery to remove a large piece of her skull to make room for swelling. She is currently pregnant with a precious baby boy who is going strong. Please pray for her recovery and for her baby to grow as long as possible! Every day is a blessing! Miracles happen all the time and the power of prayer is immeasurable. Thank you.

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Preemie Prints Prays For Paisely Grace

Please pray with Preemie Prints for baby Paisley Grace

I am currently 26 weeks pregnant with Paisley. We are experiencing a high risk pregnancy due to absent end diastolic flow in her umbilical cord. We are praying that her cord flow stay stable as long as possible while she grows some more. We are also praying that when it is determined that she must come out, she will be strong enough and have a smooth NICU journey.

Friday, November 8, 2013

Prayers For Quenten

Requesting strong prayers for Miracle Baby Boy Quenten Kelly Jr - born November 6, 2013 at 12:18am in Memorial Hermann Southwest Hospital in Houston, TX - Baby Quenten was born three months early, weighing only one pound thirteen ounces - He was born breathing on his own, eyes wide open, wiggling and fighting strong. We pray he will continue to develope and grow strong daily and that Baby Quenten will be home with us to celebrate the birth of our Lord on Christmas Day - A Grandma filled with hope and trust that all will be well with with Baby Quenten - Thanks for your prayers - Be Blessed!

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

For Richard

Richard was born October 27,2013 at 8:45am weighing 3lbs11ounces. He will be in NICU for a while.He is breathing on his own.He has a long way to go.We think of him every second.

Monday, October 28, 2013

For Kaleigh Grace

Prayer request >> 28 week Kaleigh Grace >> "I am asking for prayers for my baby girl, Kaleigh Grace. I have yet to give birth, but am currently on bed rest with ruptured membranes and dilated to 4 cm. So far prayers have worked from friends and family and I have been able to hold her in for the past 4 days. Just praying for more time for her to grow and become stronger. God Bless!!"

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Prayers for Link & Marceline

I would not normally do this, but today friends of my daughter, delivered their twin babies Link and Marceline. Mom had eclampsia and they were forced to perform an emergency c-section. The twins weigh under two pounds each (1.7lbs), I ask that anyone who is willing - send prayers and healing energy their way.

Friday, September 27, 2013

Prayers For Baby Averick

I would like to request prayers for a fellow preemie mom that I connected with through a preemie community. Her son is having some difficulties and needs the extra strength! He is such a fighter and has the will, just needs the push. Prayers for mom, her family and baby Averick.

Friday, September 6, 2013

Please Help Me Pray For My Son Ejae

My son was born on July 16,2013 and still in the hospital. Every day is a struggle for him being in the nicu you never know what will be next thing thats going on with him . its like a roller coaster please help me pray for him . Jesus please heal this little angel that you brought into this world.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Prayer request from Agnes

We just received a prayer request from Agnes. Her baby was born premature and is struggling to breathe. Please join us in lifting her up in prayer.

~ Lord, thank you for this beautiful miracle baby. We pray that you will heal her and strengthen her. We pray you wrap your arms around her parents and hold them together when they feel like they're falling apart. We know that you alone are the ultimate physician. Amen

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Prayers For Trent

I ask for prayers for my grandson Trent who was born at 28 weeks. Please dear Jesus send your healing power over him that he may grow and thrive and be healthy