This prayer page is a place of sincere, deep, and meditative prayer for babies worldwide. Families with premature, ill, or very sick babies are invited to send their prayer needs and a picture, if possible, of the baby to be placed on this page. Women contemplating having an abortion vs. choosing life for their baby are asked to share their difficulties in making that decision. Any woman or family member experiencing a crisis or high-risk pregnancy is invited to share their prayer needs. This is a place of prayer not counsel. All that is needed to receive our prayers is to tell us what you are going through.

This page is a prayer network of churches, Christian organizations, prayer sites, prayer groups, and loving individuals walking in Christ’s light established to pray fervently. We will PRAY LIKE HANNAH DID, for each and every baby, mother, or family member that is added to this page. The people who create this network know how powerful prayer is and that it works. We invite you to pray with us. Prayer changes situations. Prayer changes lives. Through prayer miracles happen.

We do not know God’s plan and accept however He answers our prayers, but we do believe He answers us just as He answered Hannah. She was told she would never have a child, but she did not accept that. She prayed for and was given a son who she named Samuel.

Please submit your prayer needs below so that we can pray with you for the health and life of your baby.

Sunday, May 29, 2011


Please keep baby Derek in your prayers-he was a 30 wk preemie who has overcome so much already at just 9 months old. 1/2 his life so far has been spent in a hospital and today he is going back...his mother Amy has informed us he isn't eating or breathing well and as the day goes by it is just getting worse. She will be checking in to Pittsburgh Children's Hospital tonight. Please keep this strong little boy and his wonderful family in your prayers....

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Lisa and Lynkin

Please everyone keep my personal friend and fellow preemie mother Lisa and her son Lynkin in your prayers as Lynkin has just been diagnosed with NEC and will be under-going some surgery/sugeries. God bless...

Monday, May 23, 2011

Anya and Eva...ASAP!




Please pray for one of our Preemie moms...Holly she has just recently had a scan done finding pre-cancerous cells on her cervex.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Emergency Prayers For Caylin

Caylin's dad posted this today on our wall, please please pray for this little girl!

This is keith Alicia's husband. She asked me to post this on this group. Caylin has been going in and out of heart failure all afternoon since they repaired the hole in her heart and the 2 in intestines. right now they are giving her a slim chance of surviving. Her mom is holding her hoping we can make it longer but its looking really bad.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Emergency Prayers Needed for Aara

Just got word from Aara's mom that she is not doing well right now. They are on somewhere around day 150 in the NICU and the Doctors are considering a lung transplant next. They are telling her they are out of options. After Aara had the tracheotomy, last week, she has been going up and down in saturations. Now the current hospital she is at seems to be at a point where they don't know what else to do. Her family is considering a hospital transfer at this point and overall very distraught. Please keep them in your prayers today and in the days following. Please share this prayer wall with any others who may join in prayer with us today. Thank you!

Prayers for health, comfort, strength, faith, and help in making difficult decisions. Share this and lets get a Preemie Prints prayer chain going ♥

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Pray for Mighty Maggie Maybee!

Update: Maggie went to play with angels. Please pray for her family through this extremely difficult time. May Maggie Maybee help to watch over her parents as they grieve her physical body on earth. She is still with them and always will be. Here is a prayer that was posted by her father's sister on their blog documenting this time. It was too beautiful not to include here.

This is my prayer: “Father, you are good. You are mighty. You are in control. You are compassionate. You are love. You are sovereign.  Lord, I don’t understand Your plan sometimes. I don’t want to lose Maggie. I don’t want my brother and Joy to hurt and I don’t want to be out of control. Father, I don’t trust you as I should and I repent of my lack of faith. Lord, please help me to trust you more. Please help me to remember that you formed Maggie and You know exactly the number of her days. Give Stephen and Joy rest and comfort and healing from their sorrow.  Lord, teach us to trust you. Thank you for giving your own Son for me and my sin. Allow me to remember your sacrifice daily. Convict me to live for you that I may be with You in glory soon. 

Little Maggie needs our prayers. She was born prematurely with health issues and has had good days and bad days since birth as usual with the NICU roller coaster. Yesterday was not a good day. Her doctors are concerned her liver is failing and she has been requiring more oxygen in the past two days. Her liver is a list of many other organs that are not functioning properly. Please pray for Maggie and pray for her parents as they face this extremely difficult battle.

Her father's beautiful prayer:

As always, your prayers are coveted. Prayers for peace and comfort are greatly needed but prayers for miracles won't be turned away either.

Update On Aara

Hi prayer team we need some special prayers to go out today for baby Aara. Here is a recent post from her mom:

"Just a quick update: Aara is critically ill, has been since Monday. She has been requiring higher vent support and oxygen and her lungs collapsed yesterday and today. Today her O2 went down to 83 and her saturations are much better. She is on antibiotics, and a slew of medications for hypertension, etc. She is still eating, and voiding well. Please take a quick moment to pray for her recovery and her homecoming."

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Baby Corbin

A mom in our online group let us know about a baby named Corbin who lost his battle yesterday, please keep the family in prayer.

"Just got word that a friend of pits from our stay at the NICU lost their baby boy this morning. It breaks my heart his mama was such a great woman. Just brought me to tears. Please keep Baby Corbin and his family in your prayers"

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Prayers For Preemie Twins Levi & Emma

Please pray for my preemie twins Emma and Levi. Emma and Levi were born at 29 weeks and 6 days. They are both doing well but need extra prayer. Emma recently contracted MRSA in the NICU and is being treated for it. We really need Emma to gain weight! Please pray that both babies will gain weight and stay healthy as well as stop having bradycardias. These babies were prayed for from the beginning and continue to need prayer.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Prayers for Baby Aria

Baby Aria was recently in a horrible car accident with her family- she was hurt the worst, she is 3 months old and going through tramatic brain injury and blood transfusions....please keep her and her family in your she will be put into a drug induced coma to help calm her siezures.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Aara and Caylin

Today I am asking for special prayers for two preemies. Please send this link on to as many people as you can to help us pray for these little girls who are fighting to be here! Aara is having surgery today for her tracheotomy and gtube. Her mom is praying for a quick and smooth surgery so she can continue healing and will be able to come home soon. Caylin is a twin. Her twin lost the battle in the beginning but she has been fighting ever since. She has been doing well but in the past few days has dropped weight and last night had major complications. So please if you have a moment today to set aside for them they need us. Thank you for volunteering your time to pray with us. God bless.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Gezell Mary Alcantar

Please pray for Gezell! She started her journey in the nicu on april 19. She was born 1 lb 7 ozs. and is now is 1 lb 15 oz. She has level 3 nd 4 bleeding on the brain nd thats the scariest thing to her mom right now. She is off her blood pressure medicine and on a cpap. She also has a picc line. Her mom said it beautifully when she said, "I am a child of God and I know he takes care of his babies, to me she is perfect and I'm okay today." That is really all a NICU mom can do is take it one day at a time and keep her faith strong. Please pray for Gezell with us for healing and a quick homecoming. 

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Volunteer Mom, Sarah Doyle

One of our volunteer moms posted this to our online group. As she is recovering and healing she needs as many prayers as she can get. Thank you for praying for Sarah, she is a wonderful amazing mom in need of many prayers.

So I just woke a hospital bed! Happy mothers day wkd-I had a seizure and mild heart attack and my mom found me passed out-I will be here for awhile, I have been diagnosed with eclampsia-had my mom not found me when she did I wouldn't be here to write this! It' tried to kill mr while pregnant and eclampsia is what sets in afterwards-trying to kill me now. I didnt feel right since having the twins but just didnt bother with it thought 2 pregnancies in one yr just hit me hard. I never stopped bleeding from it either, so they have me going in tomorrow to have the piece of my placenta removed that is causing it all. Really im in shock I cant believe this happened to me! Im ok for now thank god it could have been worse and may get that way. My mom called 911 and she brought my laptop knowing I need love and support-from you guys! (From Sarah Doyle)

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Please keep Lisa in your prayers, she has carried her baby full term and has just found out due to her heart condition the baby will not survive.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Please Keep Cathie In Your Prayers

My moms name is Cathie and she has cancer and they recently found another lump in her neck. Please keep her in your prayers.


This is jayce logan, our lil prince, born 1lb 5oz april 8 2011. He is so tiny yet so amazing! And thank you for putting him in the prayers. He is such a lil fighter and has come a long way in just 3 weeks, after being sick and have an infection he is so amazing to me. All preemies are :) he is really a gift, I just can't wait to have my 2 kids together, his sister who is 8 years old can't wait to hold her tiny brother, who she loves to visit everyday, thank you sooooo much again