This prayer page is a place of sincere, deep, and meditative prayer for babies worldwide. Families with premature, ill, or very sick babies are invited to send their prayer needs and a picture, if possible, of the baby to be placed on this page. Women contemplating having an abortion vs. choosing life for their baby are asked to share their difficulties in making that decision. Any woman or family member experiencing a crisis or high-risk pregnancy is invited to share their prayer needs. This is a place of prayer not counsel. All that is needed to receive our prayers is to tell us what you are going through.

This page is a prayer network of churches, Christian organizations, prayer sites, prayer groups, and loving individuals walking in Christ’s light established to pray fervently. We will PRAY LIKE HANNAH DID, for each and every baby, mother, or family member that is added to this page. The people who create this network know how powerful prayer is and that it works. We invite you to pray with us. Prayer changes situations. Prayer changes lives. Through prayer miracles happen.

We do not know God’s plan and accept however He answers our prayers, but we do believe He answers us just as He answered Hannah. She was told she would never have a child, but she did not accept that. She prayed for and was given a son who she named Samuel.

Please submit your prayer needs below so that we can pray with you for the health and life of your baby.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Prayers For Preemies & Moms - June 28th

Prayers For Baby River....
Prayers for close family friends please! River was born into the world today here in Texas at 27 weeks, weighing 1 pound 2 ounces. His mama is a photographer, so I'm sure photos will be covered :) but you can never have enough prayers and good thoughts for the littlest angels.
Prayers For My Cousin...
Prayers for my cousin please. She recently miscarried her baby. May God give her strength to face her loss.
Prayers For My Sister...
Prayers for my sister please. She is 33 weeks and her placenta is not doing well and her amniotic fluid is really low. We are really hoping baby Jacob can stay in a little longer. Her daughter died last summer at 7 weeks old. She can not handle anything going wrong with this baby.
Prayers For Mom Diagnosed With Placenta Previa...
Please pray for a family friend of mine, she was diagnosed with placenta previa after being rushed to the hospital last night with heavy bleeding. They did an ultrasound today and discovered that her water also broke. She is currently 29 weeks pregnant with a sweet baby girl.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Prayers For Cody

One of our NICU graduates has been losing weight and his mom is asking for prayers please hold "Cody-bear" up today!!

Prayers For The Families of CO

As the wildfires rage in CO we ask for prayers for the thousands of families who've lost their homes and have been forced to evacuate. This is so very sad and all of our prayers are needed asking for the Lord to send rain and to give these families strength in the midst of tragedy. 

Monday, June 25, 2012

Praying For Today

Heather and Ryan on June 23, 2012 at 11:05 am

We are in hospital after premature labor at 29 weeks with a baby daughter who so far has been willing to have her birth delayed. We pray for strength and courage to face what happens but hold hope that she can wait to be born at least 2 1/2 to four weeks for her growth and development.

Please, Lord, hear our prayers


PRAYER REQUEST: A sweet friend of mine is having a baby boy today via c-section at only 24 weeks pregnant due to complications. Please pray for strength for both her and her precious baby boy. If anyone understands the emotional trauma of this situation, it's all of PLEASE just take 2 seconds and say a little prayer.


Please all say a prayer for 2 of my bffs and ther sweet baby boy. Born at 28 weeks gestation and is 2 lbs 11 oz and 14 inches! He is doing great so far, but we know how quickly things can change and how they have their good days and bad. I just really hope and pray that he is home soon! Happy Birthday and welcome to the world Josh!! 

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Please pray for my cousin's twin girls. They were born at 24 and a half weeks and are only 1 lb 11oz and 1.8 lbs. They are doing as well as can be expected, but they and mom and dad have a very long road ahead of them.
Pleas pray for these beautiful little angels!