This prayer page is a place of sincere, deep, and meditative prayer for babies worldwide. Families with premature, ill, or very sick babies are invited to send their prayer needs and a picture, if possible, of the baby to be placed on this page. Women contemplating having an abortion vs. choosing life for their baby are asked to share their difficulties in making that decision. Any woman or family member experiencing a crisis or high-risk pregnancy is invited to share their prayer needs. This is a place of prayer not counsel. All that is needed to receive our prayers is to tell us what you are going through.

This page is a prayer network of churches, Christian organizations, prayer sites, prayer groups, and loving individuals walking in Christ’s light established to pray fervently. We will PRAY LIKE HANNAH DID, for each and every baby, mother, or family member that is added to this page. The people who create this network know how powerful prayer is and that it works. We invite you to pray with us. Prayer changes situations. Prayer changes lives. Through prayer miracles happen.

We do not know God’s plan and accept however He answers our prayers, but we do believe He answers us just as He answered Hannah. She was told she would never have a child, but she did not accept that. She prayed for and was given a son who she named Samuel.

Please submit your prayer needs below so that we can pray with you for the health and life of your baby.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Prayers For Baby Liam

A note from his mom...

‎**PRAYER REQUEST** Evan just got home from the hospital, Liam is NOT having a good day. His nurse was concerned. Liam is having a lot of apnea episodes. They have raised his BPM (breaths per minute) to 38. They had been trying to lower his BPM. Please keep my little Liam in your prayers today ♥ We are praying for God's will.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Prayers For Evelyn

After 118 days in the NICU, Karen's baby girl may be able to come home with her twin sister this Thursday. Please pray that she passes her carseat study, sleep study, and takes all of her feedings so we can make this happen. Thanks!!!

Monday, November 14, 2011

Family in need of Prayer

This family is in need of a massive prayer chain. They are currently in the NICU. The mother had triplets at 24 weeks and lost one at birth and now their baby boy has went to be with the Lord as well. Please pray for her strength. She has one baby girl left who weighed in at 1 pd 6 oz today and is holding on. Our hearts hurt for their family during this traumatic heartbreaking time, please keep them all in your thoughts and prayers. Please feel free to share this to make the prayer chain stronger.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Prayers for Nasya

My daughter Nasya Renae LeBlanc was born on Oct. 22,2011 almost 15 wks premature....She is doing fairly well but we are still in need of prayers for her so that she can continue to go on the path of health she is now! And a prayer for me would be much appreciated as well for I am having a really tough time with my angel being away from me!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Low Bone Marrow

Prayers for a little girls who is having to go see a specialist because her bone marrow is very very low. her bone marrow should be in the 5000 and its only 600. please please pray for this little girl...

A little Fighter

Prayers for a little boy who is currently at 100% O2 on the ventilator :( They are keeping him pretty much sedated so he doesn't fight it. They are thinking that he possibly has an infection or he has silent reflux and is aspirating into his lungs. We have to wait 48 hours for the cultures to come back before sending him to Children's. He needs lots of prayers, so please keep them coming!!!!) PLEASE PLEASE PRAY FOR HIM !! HE HAS SUCH AN AMAZING MAMA WILL BE SOO GREAT FOR ALL THE PRAYERS HER LIL BOY GET..

Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Please say some prayers for Carmen who is currently on hospital bedrest at 24 wks pregnant. Hoping she can make it longer and everyone stays as healthy as possible!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Prayers for a Mom

Today I received an email from a friend of a mom who was scheduled to have NICU pictures taken soon of her baby girl. The email asked for prayers. Prayers for this brand new mom, who after weeks of bed rest, delivered her beautiful baby girl prematurely. It was not the Lord's plan for her baby to live a long life here on earth as this morning she passed away. We ask for prayers for her mom in this time of sorrow and loss. Prayers for her friends and family to be able to cope and help her during the long difficult road ahead.

Psalm 34:18 says The LORD is close to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit.

We also ask for prayer for one of our volunteers. Her mom is very sick and today she had very difficult decisions that laid in front of her. Please pray for her and her mom. 

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Sara and Braeton "Bug"

Braeton and Sara are in need of some well deserved prayers. Braeton "Bug" has had a long journey in his short life so far. He is in a battle right now that we all pray and hope for the best in. The Dr's are running lots of tests but no real answers yet. Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers as this sweet little boy is such a joy to everyone's life he touches and deserves a break for awhile. Thank you and God Bless you all!

Monday, August 29, 2011

Leia and Nathanial

Prayers needed very quickly-baby nathanial is on life support this very moment, he suffers from NEC and him and his mother Leia ask for prayers for him and to keep her strong through this trying time....God Bless!

Megan and her baby

Please say a prayer for fellow preemie mom Megan. She is currently pregnant at 17 weeks along and has been put on bedrest. The dr's feel something may be wrong as she is going into pre-term labor. I pray that God see's her and her un-born child through this safe. Thank you all!

Saturday, August 27, 2011


"alyssa still has fevers, still asleep. Three out of four cultures came back positive. First one I think they said staph, the next two were gram negative rods and gram positive cocci. Don't really know exactly what it is yet. Should know tomorrow. Thank you all for the prayers."
-Alyssa's Mom

Alyssa's mom is one of our members and has a very sick little girl who needs our prayers. Please pray that she gets well soon and the Doctors are able to figure out what exactly is going on. 

Melinda and Baby Wilow

Please pray for Willow's mom as she faces a very long and difficult road ahead after her baby girl went to fly with angels 2 days ago.

Praying for our Members

We have many families in and out of the NICU in the areas that hurricane Irene will effect, please pray for them.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Please pray for fellow preemie mom Faina's mother and there family....she has recently had a stroke and is in a little worse shape than what they first anticipated. She may never speak again and probably will not understand speech. Possibly may have a trach put in. This is right after Faina finally brought her micro-preemie Jayce home from the NICU. This family needs your prayers thank you and God Bless you all!

Friday, August 19, 2011

Cody & his mom Kim

A message from Kim:

"thank u for helping those mothers didnt know about u when we were there, sometimes when we have days like today. I wish i was still there with all the nurses so when he crashed all i had to be was the worried mom but now we are at home and I have to be mom and nurse to Cody. He decided to crash on us this morning so we had to bag him at least 10 min to even get color back to him. It is not an easy thing to do when it your baby's life in your hands. Please pray for him, we had to stay most of the day back on his vent to let his lungs rest. We see tomorrow where to go when I call dr with report how the evening and night went."

-Kim (mom)

Please pray for this family as they face a very difficult road with their little Cody.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Please pray for Joaquin!

Joaquin, is the son of one of our volunteers and he is very sick! Right now they are at the hospital and will take quite some time to find out results as to what may be causing the sickness. His mom is hurting and needs our prayers as well. Thank you.

He is seeing a ENT specialist and lung specialist and they are both coming up from Milwaukee Childrens, he is going to be tested for lymphnoid cancer. Please pray for him and his family.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Baby Willow

This is baby Willow, she needs our prayers. She has very serious health issues to the point that Doctors are refusing to help her. Please pray for her as right now that is all we can do.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Baby Isabella

"Please pray for Isabella. She is currently in the NICU and is back in the incubator and on IV medicines to prepare for a surgery in the next 2 weeks .The blood flowing from the aortic artery is weak going towards her legs, so she needs to have a form of heart surgery. It is not an open heart surgery but through the side, her heart will not be touched. She is doing good, growing and eating and is now 3 pounds 11 ounces."

This was a message sent to us from Isabella's mom. She would appreciate any and all prayers for her little girl. Thank you so much. 

~Amber @ Preemie Prints

Friday, August 5, 2011


Please pray for preemie father Michael, who is in the ICU. He is very ill and could use all the extra support. His beautiful daughter Gezell (a micro-preemie) just finally got to come home from the NICU and it would be a blessing for him to recover as soon as possible to reunite with his daughter :) Thank you!

April & Claudia

Please say some prayers for preemie mom April who is having medical issues with her lungs and her beautiful daughter Claudia who is having problems keeping her blood sugars level. Both have been very sick lately and could use some extra prayers.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Prayers for Kai

Kai weighed 1lb 13.6oz (840 grams). As of today he weighs 3lb 3.9oz (1,470 grams)! Kai is a little miracle who came out of the womb breathing on his own which his parents learned were truly amazing at his age/weight! He was on CPAP and last Friday moved to the nasal cannula but then after five days is back on CPAP. Kai's due date was September 21, 2011 so that is still the estimated date to go home. Please keep this little bundle of joy in your prayers.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Preemie Evelyn

Evelyn who now is one month old almost weighs 3 lbs.  She has just tested possitive for MRSA and had a blood transfusion last night.  This morning she is doing a bit better.  It's a scary rollercoaster road!!  Little Evelyn is in isolation so they don't get the chance to visit with any of the other parents in the NICU.  It's kind of lonely. Please keep them in your prayers. 

-Grandmother of Evelyn

Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Avery had the PDA (Patent ductus arteriosus) ligation at 9 days old...she has 2 large ASD's (atrial septal defect). She also has a neurological condition called Dandywalker syndrome. She eats with a feeding tube. She is having open heart surgery on Aug 8, 2011. She was born at 23 weeks 3 days, and has been out of the NICU for 1 year.

A little information for our prayer partners: The ductus arteriosus is a normal fetal blood vessel that closes soon after birth. In a patent ductus arteriosus (PDA) the vessel does not close and remains "patent" resulting in irregular transmission of blood between two of the most important arteries close to the heart, the aorta and the pulmonary artery. PDA is common in neonates with persistent respiratory problems such as hypoxia, and has a high occurrence in premature children. In hypoxic newborns, too little oxygen reaches the lungs to produce sufficient levels of bradykinin and subsequent closing of the DA. Premature children are more likely to be hypoxic and thus have PDA because of their underdeveloped heart and lungs. An An ASD is an atrial septal defect, which is a hole in the wall that connects the two upper chambers of the heart. An ASD is caused by incomplete development of the heart.

Dandy-Walker Syndrome is a congenital brain malformation involving the cerebellum (an area at the back of the brain that controls movement) and the fluid-filled spaces around it. The key features of this syndrome are an enlargement of the fourth ventricle (a small channel that allows fluid to flow freely between the upper and lower areas of the brain and spinal cord), a partial or complete absence of the area of the brain between the two cerebellar hemispheres (cerebellar vermis), and cyst formation near the internal base of the skull. An increase in the size of the fluid spaces surrounding the brain as well as an increase in pressure may also be present.
The syndrome can appear dramatically or develop unnoticed. Symptoms, which often occur in early infancy, include slow motor development and progressive enlargement of the skull. In older children, symptoms of increased intracranial pressure such as irritability, vomiting, and convulsions, and signs of cerebellar dysfunction such as unsteadiness, lack of muscle coordination, or jerky movements of the eyes may occur. Other symptoms include increased head circumference, bulging at the back of the skull, problems with the nerves that control the eyes, face and neck, and abnormal breathing patterns.
Dandy-Walker Syndrome is frequently associated with disorders of other areas of the central nervous system, including absence of the area made up of nerve fibers connecting the two cerebral hemispheres (corpus callosum) and malformations of the heart, face, limbs, fingers and toes.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011


If you could all say some prayers for a micro-preemie mother Candace, she is curently expecting again and having the same issues that progressed with her daughter. Hoping for a healthy mother and healthy baby. Thank you all so much!

Monday, July 11, 2011

Braeton "Bug"

Please pray for Bug, he just under went surgery today and it was by far the worst yet, he is such a little trooper but in so much pain he is inconsolable. He really needs your thoughts and prayers and Gods love to comfort him. Thank you, God Bless.

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Praying for mom and baby

Yesterday I met the CNO at The Med. I was told about a family and I wanted to ask for prayers. The mom was told long ago she would never have children so she adopted 2 beautiful babies. Since, she has gotten pregnant and given birth to a baby boy who was born prematurely. He is in the NICU now. The saddest part of the story is that mom has terminal cancer and is already on palliative care. If you or someone would like to donate directly to this family in any way, even just a card, please feel free to email We are putting together a care package for her with gas cards and gift cards, planning to deliver in about a week. Most of all thank you for your prayers. She does not speak English (if you send a card for her)

Monday, June 27, 2011

Baby Sarah

Sarah was born at 23wks. She spent 15mths 4days in the hospital. She was released from a NICU in Oh March 2009. She thankfully has not had to go back into the hospital, except for testing. She is being admitted for a sleep study and her mom would like for us to keep her in our prayers. 

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Baby Martha

Martha Marie was born at 27 weeks gestation and now suffers alot of health issues including, IVH grades 3&4 (brain bleed) PVL on both sides of her brain (The white matter in her brain has been damaged due to the bleeding) ROP stages 1-2 (from her eyes being open to soon) and the most problem we have right now is she still has apnea and bradycardia (she stops breathing and her heartrate drops below 60)She takes caffine everyday to help with these. the amount she takes is the same amount you would find in a can of Mt. Dew. They are now talking about readmitting our sweet angel and possibly putting in a pacemaker. She also has problems with the left leg/hip but what they are not sure yet or what this means for her. Thanks for reading our request and praying for our little one.

Martha's Family

Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Eva has made it out of her surgery...please continue to pray for her continued strength and wellness. God Bless!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Baby Eva

"My heart is overwhelming numb right now with the hurt that my friend is feeling right now as little Evas air way collapsed today and she is going in for surgery to have a trac put in and a permanent TPN line until closer to going home then she is having a Gtube put straight to her stomache to eat Please keep Eva in your thoughts and prayers. We love you Eva kisses from all of us baby girl" 

(posted by a friend of Eva's mom) 

Anya is a mom who has been a part of our group for a long time. Baby Eva needs our prayers right now. Bless her Lord, and let this surgery heal her and get her home soon to be with her family. 


Wednesday, June 15, 2011


If you could all continue to pray for baby Aara, she passed away yesterday and I hope she is at peace now. Please pray for her family through this difficult time to find some strength and serenity. God bless you all.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Sara and Braeton "Bug"

Please keep Braeton "Bug" and his mother Sara
in your prayers, Bug had a little surgery issue
yesterday that he so bravely got through with
flying colors, however today is having some bad
breathing/respritory issues and not taking any
feedings. Sara is on her way in with him now and
is hoping for an admit. Thank you all!

Monday, June 6, 2011

Baby Jayce

One of the moms in our group is having a difficult time as is her baby boy who is in the NICU. Here is a post about baby Jayce... 

"He had PDA ligation last tue and ever since his lungs have been having issues, last night they need to go UP on his Oxygen and pressure and did a late night chest xray which shows alot of secretions in the lungs :'( so there going to try lasix again to try and get all the fluid out of his lungs , im praying it works.. also they will hold of on his steroids again, and might try antibiotics if the lasix do not work.. my poor kiddo can seem to win and its killing me that i can do anything.. i feel like its all my fault ugh! but thats his update.. im also hoping now that he is awake n moving around that will help get all that fluid moving as well.. please say a prayer for him and his lungs!! thank you"

May the Lord hold him close and heal him. 

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Prayers For Coltyn

Coltyn is back in the hospital, since Wednesday. He is doing better but please keep him in your prayers. His mom needs our prayers as well as she is dealing with fatigue. Hopefully they will be heading home soon.

Sunday, May 29, 2011


Please keep baby Derek in your prayers-he was a 30 wk preemie who has overcome so much already at just 9 months old. 1/2 his life so far has been spent in a hospital and today he is going back...his mother Amy has informed us he isn't eating or breathing well and as the day goes by it is just getting worse. She will be checking in to Pittsburgh Children's Hospital tonight. Please keep this strong little boy and his wonderful family in your prayers....

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Lisa and Lynkin

Please everyone keep my personal friend and fellow preemie mother Lisa and her son Lynkin in your prayers as Lynkin has just been diagnosed with NEC and will be under-going some surgery/sugeries. God bless...

Monday, May 23, 2011

Anya and Eva...ASAP!




Please pray for one of our Preemie moms...Holly she has just recently had a scan done finding pre-cancerous cells on her cervex.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Emergency Prayers For Caylin

Caylin's dad posted this today on our wall, please please pray for this little girl!

This is keith Alicia's husband. She asked me to post this on this group. Caylin has been going in and out of heart failure all afternoon since they repaired the hole in her heart and the 2 in intestines. right now they are giving her a slim chance of surviving. Her mom is holding her hoping we can make it longer but its looking really bad.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Emergency Prayers Needed for Aara

Just got word from Aara's mom that she is not doing well right now. They are on somewhere around day 150 in the NICU and the Doctors are considering a lung transplant next. They are telling her they are out of options. After Aara had the tracheotomy, last week, she has been going up and down in saturations. Now the current hospital she is at seems to be at a point where they don't know what else to do. Her family is considering a hospital transfer at this point and overall very distraught. Please keep them in your prayers today and in the days following. Please share this prayer wall with any others who may join in prayer with us today. Thank you!

Prayers for health, comfort, strength, faith, and help in making difficult decisions. Share this and lets get a Preemie Prints prayer chain going ♥

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Pray for Mighty Maggie Maybee!

Update: Maggie went to play with angels. Please pray for her family through this extremely difficult time. May Maggie Maybee help to watch over her parents as they grieve her physical body on earth. She is still with them and always will be. Here is a prayer that was posted by her father's sister on their blog documenting this time. It was too beautiful not to include here.

This is my prayer: “Father, you are good. You are mighty. You are in control. You are compassionate. You are love. You are sovereign.  Lord, I don’t understand Your plan sometimes. I don’t want to lose Maggie. I don’t want my brother and Joy to hurt and I don’t want to be out of control. Father, I don’t trust you as I should and I repent of my lack of faith. Lord, please help me to trust you more. Please help me to remember that you formed Maggie and You know exactly the number of her days. Give Stephen and Joy rest and comfort and healing from their sorrow.  Lord, teach us to trust you. Thank you for giving your own Son for me and my sin. Allow me to remember your sacrifice daily. Convict me to live for you that I may be with You in glory soon. 

Little Maggie needs our prayers. She was born prematurely with health issues and has had good days and bad days since birth as usual with the NICU roller coaster. Yesterday was not a good day. Her doctors are concerned her liver is failing and she has been requiring more oxygen in the past two days. Her liver is a list of many other organs that are not functioning properly. Please pray for Maggie and pray for her parents as they face this extremely difficult battle.

Her father's beautiful prayer:

As always, your prayers are coveted. Prayers for peace and comfort are greatly needed but prayers for miracles won't be turned away either.

Update On Aara

Hi prayer team we need some special prayers to go out today for baby Aara. Here is a recent post from her mom:

"Just a quick update: Aara is critically ill, has been since Monday. She has been requiring higher vent support and oxygen and her lungs collapsed yesterday and today. Today her O2 went down to 83 and her saturations are much better. She is on antibiotics, and a slew of medications for hypertension, etc. She is still eating, and voiding well. Please take a quick moment to pray for her recovery and her homecoming."

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Baby Corbin

A mom in our online group let us know about a baby named Corbin who lost his battle yesterday, please keep the family in prayer.

"Just got word that a friend of pits from our stay at the NICU lost their baby boy this morning. It breaks my heart his mama was such a great woman. Just brought me to tears. Please keep Baby Corbin and his family in your prayers"

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Prayers For Preemie Twins Levi & Emma

Please pray for my preemie twins Emma and Levi. Emma and Levi were born at 29 weeks and 6 days. They are both doing well but need extra prayer. Emma recently contracted MRSA in the NICU and is being treated for it. We really need Emma to gain weight! Please pray that both babies will gain weight and stay healthy as well as stop having bradycardias. These babies were prayed for from the beginning and continue to need prayer.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Prayers for Baby Aria

Baby Aria was recently in a horrible car accident with her family- she was hurt the worst, she is 3 months old and going through tramatic brain injury and blood transfusions....please keep her and her family in your she will be put into a drug induced coma to help calm her siezures.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Aara and Caylin

Today I am asking for special prayers for two preemies. Please send this link on to as many people as you can to help us pray for these little girls who are fighting to be here! Aara is having surgery today for her tracheotomy and gtube. Her mom is praying for a quick and smooth surgery so she can continue healing and will be able to come home soon. Caylin is a twin. Her twin lost the battle in the beginning but she has been fighting ever since. She has been doing well but in the past few days has dropped weight and last night had major complications. So please if you have a moment today to set aside for them they need us. Thank you for volunteering your time to pray with us. God bless.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Gezell Mary Alcantar

Please pray for Gezell! She started her journey in the nicu on april 19. She was born 1 lb 7 ozs. and is now is 1 lb 15 oz. She has level 3 nd 4 bleeding on the brain nd thats the scariest thing to her mom right now. She is off her blood pressure medicine and on a cpap. She also has a picc line. Her mom said it beautifully when she said, "I am a child of God and I know he takes care of his babies, to me she is perfect and I'm okay today." That is really all a NICU mom can do is take it one day at a time and keep her faith strong. Please pray for Gezell with us for healing and a quick homecoming. 

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Volunteer Mom, Sarah Doyle

One of our volunteer moms posted this to our online group. As she is recovering and healing she needs as many prayers as she can get. Thank you for praying for Sarah, she is a wonderful amazing mom in need of many prayers.

So I just woke a hospital bed! Happy mothers day wkd-I had a seizure and mild heart attack and my mom found me passed out-I will be here for awhile, I have been diagnosed with eclampsia-had my mom not found me when she did I wouldn't be here to write this! It' tried to kill mr while pregnant and eclampsia is what sets in afterwards-trying to kill me now. I didnt feel right since having the twins but just didnt bother with it thought 2 pregnancies in one yr just hit me hard. I never stopped bleeding from it either, so they have me going in tomorrow to have the piece of my placenta removed that is causing it all. Really im in shock I cant believe this happened to me! Im ok for now thank god it could have been worse and may get that way. My mom called 911 and she brought my laptop knowing I need love and support-from you guys! (From Sarah Doyle)

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Please keep Lisa in your prayers, she has carried her baby full term and has just found out due to her heart condition the baby will not survive.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Please Keep Cathie In Your Prayers

My moms name is Cathie and she has cancer and they recently found another lump in her neck. Please keep her in your prayers.


This is jayce logan, our lil prince, born 1lb 5oz april 8 2011. He is so tiny yet so amazing! And thank you for putting him in the prayers. He is such a lil fighter and has come a long way in just 3 weeks, after being sick and have an infection he is so amazing to me. All preemies are :) he is really a gift, I just can't wait to have my 2 kids together, his sister who is 8 years old can't wait to hold her tiny brother, who she loves to visit everyday, thank you sooooo much again

Friday, April 29, 2011

Prayers For Caylin

Caylin is a preemie who needs your prayers today. She is in the NICU and is only 6 weeks old. She has come down with pneumonia. As you can imagine this is very very dangerous for her. Please pray intently today at some point for this mother and her daughter. Thank you so much. Please pass this along to anyone who may join us in prayer.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Lilly was born prematurely and had a tracheotomy. She is now undergoing a surgery to remove it and to close the hole. These surgeries will cause her and her family to be in the hospital for 2-3 months. Please keep Lilly in your prayers.

UPDATE 4/4-Lilly had her first of many surgeries yesterday. She really needs our prayers. Here is a status update from a friend "Update on Miss Lily. Please continue to keep Lily in your prayers. She had a rough night. Her blood pressure and heart rate keep dropping. She is having problems keeping her airway clear and her sats keep dropping really low. She is not peeing and is starting to swell. They also think one of her lungs collapsed from where they took rib cartilage out to do the reconstruction"

Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Could everyone be sure to say a little prayer for Anquan, yesterday they had to airlift him to childrens and he is on a venilator they are thinking he has Pneumonia ~(From his Mom)

He is 6 months old. 

Monday, April 18, 2011

Two Moms In Need Of Prayer

Two very special moms are in need of prayers, please. Maria is carrying a baby (James) with what is expected to be a fatal condition (OI2). The other mom is carrying conjoined twins who cannot be separated. Breathtakingly difficult situations, both moms need lots of prayer support. 

A Mother's Love

Chris Charles
 A mother’s love is something
That no one can explain,
It is made of deep devotion
And of sacrifice and pain,
It is endless and unselfish
And enduring come what may
For nothing can destroy it
Or take that love away…
It is patient and forgiving
When all others are forsaking.
And it never fails or falters
Even though the heart is breaking…
It believes beyond believing
When the world around condemns,
And it glows with all the beauty
Of the rarest, brightest gems…
It is far beyond defining.
It defies all explanation,
And it still remains a secret
Like the mysteries of Creation…
A many splendored miracle
Man cannot understand
And another wondrous evidence
of God’s tender guiding hand.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Pray for Preemie Kennedi Zahar

Kennedi Zahar was born at 24 weeks gestation at 1lb 10oz. She is now 34 weeks old and 5lb 1oz; she is still in the NICU in SC. It is about 1hr and 15min from where I live. I'm so proud of her because she is fighting this fight mostly without my presence, I can only afford to see her 2x a week. So please pray for her continued success and that she will be able to come home soon.

About her name:
The morning I gave birth to Kennedi I went online looking for names for her, because her dad and I had not decided on a middle name yet we only had Kennedi. I typed in baby girl names and instead of starting under the "A" like usual I started at "Z". There was the name Zahar it meant "small blessing" when I saw that I had to make that her name. Kennedi Zahar, for she is our "Small Blessing"

Thank you for your prayers,


Update: Kennedi has passed her car seat test and will be coming home soon! God is good. I have been in awe of Kennedi's mom this entire time as she has been driving back and forth to the hospital and only getting to spend a few days a week with her little girl. I am so happy she will have her home soon. 

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Pray for Preemie Alicia

Alicia is currently in a NICU getting stronger every day. When I asked her mom what she would specifically like us to pray for she said, "I am worried about Alicia's growth. She seems to have hit a spot where she is staying steady but not going up" So please keep that request in mind for little Alicia.
Alicia also has a new cousin who was born premature.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Baby Coltyn

My son, Coltyn, was born at 31 weeks. He was 2 lbs 15 oz and on Friday at 7 weeks old, he had to be revived and life flighted to Temple. Please pray for his recovery!

Monday, March 28, 2011

Baby Noah

Baby Noah is micro preemie born at 24 weeks. He continues his fight in a Texas NICU. He is up and down, good days and bad days, but he is a strong fighter! Please keep him in your preemie prayers as he grows and gets stronger.

Update: 4/16 Noah is getting stronger each day! He took his first bottle today as well. God bless him and his family as they continue their journey.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Baby Rhonda

Rhonda is a preemie who was born on Christmas Eve at only 24 weeks. She is still on oxygen and has a feeding tube. She is up to 5lbs and 5.5oz though which is a wonderful thing to see her growing. She has been in the NICU for almost 3 months. Please pray for her and her families strength as they continue down this long road. 

Baby Joaquin

UPDATE 3/28 (From his mom)
Joaquin started having issues with his oxygen and
his heart rate earlier in the day yesterday. His hemoglobin levels
were low so they thought this was the cause of all his issues. He
received a blood transfusion at 1:30 pm and he was still having the
oxygen and HR episodes throughout it. His oxygen levels dropped down
to 40 which is not normal for him at all and his blood oxygen gas was
very elevated so the doctor decided to put him back on the vent and
start him on antibiotics.

Please pray for preemie Joaquin who was born at only 25 weeks. This is his mom's second time in the NICU. He has had his ups and downs but is fighting everyday. Today he developed an infection, so prayers are really needed to pull him through. His mom sent a picture to post along with the prayer request. May God bless him and his family.

Baby Olivia

She was born at 28 weeks and was a true fighter. I met her mom through our national NICU mom group and we messaged often. Her mom was full of strength even in her most recent message to me amidst her devastation. They will always be a part of our Preemie Prints family and I ask that you keep little Livie and her family in your deepest prayers. God bless them all. I have to say that she is one of the most adorable baby angels I've ever seen.

When I asked her mom a week ago to send me her prayer request this is what she wanted me to add:
"Oh yes please add us...what a blessing! I would like prayers for Olivia Grace's health, for the Vassar NICU Team, and all the families with premature babies that they have all that they need to get through this hard time..."

"The LORD is close to the brokenhearted; he rescues those who are crushed in spirit."
Psalm 34:18

Saturday, February 19, 2011


I have not had the opportunity to meet her yet but will in the next two weeks. She is currently in the hospital but will be returning home next week. After she settles in I am going to spend the day with her, take pictures, and just have a good time! Her name is Lianna and she has been suffering with Lukemia over the past two years of her life. As I understand, she is scheduled to make a full recovery. I spoke with her father over the phone for some time yesterday, and he says she has been a fighter the entire time. They had a long stay at the Ronald McDonald House (RMH) in Fortworth and now her father, David Saucedo who is a singer and songwriter, is raising money for his daughter's trust fund and RMH through his musical gifts. From talking to him over the phone, I could feel the Spirit working through his families' difficult experiences. He noted that the very hardest point for him as a father was when he received the initial news of his daughter's diagnoses. Through his songs for his daughter, which are really heartfelt poetic prayers set to rhythmic beats, he hopes that The Lord will touch many lives at this same heart dropping moment. 

We ask that you keep Lianna in your prayers as she continues to win her battle over Lukemia and touch many many peoples lives. If you would like more information about her father's efforts through music please continue to the link below. Updates to follow. 

3/8 Lianna is back in the hospital but doing well. Please keep her in your prayers.

From David's Facebook Page:

‎400+ views in two days, thank you all for sharing this video! If you haven't shared it yet, share it now! Get your copy of "Why Her" pre-ordered at

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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Baby Aara

Baby Aara was born unexpectedly at 24 weeks. She is in critical condition and needs all of the prayers we can offer her. Currently she has been in the NICU for over one month and is now being put back on an endotracheal tube. Here is a small piece of information from her mom, "She was put on the CPAP at 7 days old and then taken off because she was not handling it well. When that occurred she went up to 100% oxygen and NO was started on her. She worked her way back down to 33% oxygen over the next weeks and without any nitric oxide so they put her on CPAP again this afternoon and was off by late evening". 

I will add status updates from time to time. Please pray for this preemie fighting for her life!! 

2/17/11-UPDATE: Baby Aara is doing good she is now 2lbs!! Keep praying everyone this tiny baby girl is a fighter. Her mom has been happy about getting to put her in clothes. We are delivering her mom a NICU gift bag today so, I look forward to meeting her. Thank you all----whoever is out there praying please keep going. 

2/19-UPDATE: Please say extra prayers. I spoke with her mom tonight and she is not doing good at all. Aara has been having problems with her lungs. She is very critical please pray!

3/1-UPDATE: Aara is a fighter! She continues to have good days and bad days but is fighting hard thanks to a great NICU team and a very strong mom and dad. Please keep their miracle baby and entire family in your prayers as they continue on their journey.

3/3-UPDATE: I met with Aara's mom yesterday and she is continuing to grow and fight. She is now 2 lbs. 6 oz. She is still on the ventilator although yesterday was taken off of the high speed, which is a positive move. Her body continues to fight infection so her lungs are lagging in development. Please continue to pray for this little tiny miracle.

3/8-UPDATE: I received an email from Aara's mom today she is gaining weight and up to 2 lbs. 11 oz. They will be meeting with their Dr. soon for a status update possibly tomorrow. Lets keep praying for this little miracle baby!!

3/15-UPDATE: Aara is 3lbs!! She is growing like a champ and her mom has started Kangaroo Care. Prayers are working please keep them coming for this little girl and her family. I am attaching a new picture..

3/27-Aara is doing good. Growing more every day!! I am posting a new picture. Her eyes are smiling I love it! God is so powerful. Her mom did find out she has stage 2, zone 2 ROP so we need to pray for abnormal vessels to stop and eyes to heal.

4/4-Aara is 4lbs and on the CPAP again! Pray for her she is growing in all ways. Today was long for her as it was her first day to be switched over. She had to work a lot harder. God bless her!

4/17-Aara had another eye test for ROP and the tests came back negative. She has also been moved to the high speed Canulla and has been on it for 8 hrs now. This is such a great day for her! God is working so beautifully through this family and we pray he continues to make her stronger every day so we can celebrate her homecoming.

Her elephant from Preemie Prints keeping her company :)

Here is a picture of Aara... 

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