This prayer page is a place of sincere, deep, and meditative prayer for babies worldwide. Families with premature, ill, or very sick babies are invited to send their prayer needs and a picture, if possible, of the baby to be placed on this page. Women contemplating having an abortion vs. choosing life for their baby are asked to share their difficulties in making that decision. Any woman or family member experiencing a crisis or high-risk pregnancy is invited to share their prayer needs. This is a place of prayer not counsel. All that is needed to receive our prayers is to tell us what you are going through.

This page is a prayer network of churches, Christian organizations, prayer sites, prayer groups, and loving individuals walking in Christ’s light established to pray fervently. We will PRAY LIKE HANNAH DID, for each and every baby, mother, or family member that is added to this page. The people who create this network know how powerful prayer is and that it works. We invite you to pray with us. Prayer changes situations. Prayer changes lives. Through prayer miracles happen.

We do not know God’s plan and accept however He answers our prayers, but we do believe He answers us just as He answered Hannah. She was told she would never have a child, but she did not accept that. She prayed for and was given a son who she named Samuel.

Please submit your prayer needs below so that we can pray with you for the health and life of your baby.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Baby Coltyn

My son, Coltyn, was born at 31 weeks. He was 2 lbs 15 oz and on Friday at 7 weeks old, he had to be revived and life flighted to Temple. Please pray for his recovery!

Monday, March 28, 2011

Baby Noah

Baby Noah is micro preemie born at 24 weeks. He continues his fight in a Texas NICU. He is up and down, good days and bad days, but he is a strong fighter! Please keep him in your preemie prayers as he grows and gets stronger.

Update: 4/16 Noah is getting stronger each day! He took his first bottle today as well. God bless him and his family as they continue their journey.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Baby Rhonda

Rhonda is a preemie who was born on Christmas Eve at only 24 weeks. She is still on oxygen and has a feeding tube. She is up to 5lbs and 5.5oz though which is a wonderful thing to see her growing. She has been in the NICU for almost 3 months. Please pray for her and her families strength as they continue down this long road. 

Baby Joaquin

UPDATE 3/28 (From his mom)
Joaquin started having issues with his oxygen and
his heart rate earlier in the day yesterday. His hemoglobin levels
were low so they thought this was the cause of all his issues. He
received a blood transfusion at 1:30 pm and he was still having the
oxygen and HR episodes throughout it. His oxygen levels dropped down
to 40 which is not normal for him at all and his blood oxygen gas was
very elevated so the doctor decided to put him back on the vent and
start him on antibiotics.

Please pray for preemie Joaquin who was born at only 25 weeks. This is his mom's second time in the NICU. He has had his ups and downs but is fighting everyday. Today he developed an infection, so prayers are really needed to pull him through. His mom sent a picture to post along with the prayer request. May God bless him and his family.

Baby Olivia

She was born at 28 weeks and was a true fighter. I met her mom through our national NICU mom group and we messaged often. Her mom was full of strength even in her most recent message to me amidst her devastation. They will always be a part of our Preemie Prints family and I ask that you keep little Livie and her family in your deepest prayers. God bless them all. I have to say that she is one of the most adorable baby angels I've ever seen.

When I asked her mom a week ago to send me her prayer request this is what she wanted me to add:
"Oh yes please add us...what a blessing! I would like prayers for Olivia Grace's health, for the Vassar NICU Team, and all the families with premature babies that they have all that they need to get through this hard time..."

"The LORD is close to the brokenhearted; he rescues those who are crushed in spirit."
Psalm 34:18